I would highly recommend Defender Tactical to anybody wishing to learn more about safe and practical use of firearms for personal defense. As a young woman with limited practical experience in this area, I felt extremely comfortable with a private lesson with Dave Altenburg. He provided a fun and challenging set of training drills along with a comprehensive education regarding safe handling of firearms in general. Most importantly he was able to tailor his teaching to the individual needs and abilities of each participant in my class. I will absolutely be returning for additional training in the future. 

Annie H. 


I recently attended a Defender Tactical Concealed Carry Class with a focus on defensive tactics. Great attention was given to firearms safety, situational awareness, reloading drills, and moving and shooting skills. The training was personalized and focused on real life scenarios. I look forward to attending more classes through Defender Tactical in the future.

Brian J.


Not only was it fun but I also learned so much, and as a novice I now feel like I have a solid foundation on which to build me skills.

Your professionalism, patience and firm but friendly demeanor made ne feel very comfortable and as such it opened the door to make me receptive to your teaching. You high level skill set was obvious through your demonstrations and made me confident that I was learning from someone who had a high level of expertise.

If  could rate you and your class I would give you 5 stars and I definitely would recommend you to a friend.




Your relaxed but professional attitude fostered a fantastic learning environment, and I feel I have benefited from the training received n more ways than one. I firmly believe the approach you take in this type of training is very conducive to adult learning. I am extremely appreciative of your ability to create  (an adapt on the fly) a curriculum for each and every trainee individually. 


Moving forward, I now feel I have the base skill set to practice and buld upon, via dry-firing and properly utilizing my future range time. I look forward to using what I've learned to improve overall.

I am very confident I received more out of this class than I ever could have imagined, and absolutely plan to attend future classes with you. I definitely feel like I'm in good hands, and I'll be sure to let anyone else I know who they should be calling for their training needs.


critical facilities engineer