Class Descriptions


Everyday Concealed Carry (EDC)

This class is ideal for those who have or about to obtain their CCW permit. This is considered a basic level course that deals with the realities of carrying a concealed handgun as demonstrated through extensive live fire training. 

Close Quarters Combative Handgun (CQCH)

This intermediate level class focuses on the combative handgun at  distances of zero to seven yards. In addition to live fire drills this class incorporates defensive tactics training.

Urban Combative Handgun (UCH)

Considered our flagship two day training class, the UCH class is an intense advanced level handgun course.  Live fire training is conducted from contact distance out to and beyond 25 yards. This class can be conducted in two consecutive days or spaced out over several weeks depending on the groups availability. 

Private Training

The bulk of the training we do at Defender Tactical is private one-on-one lessons with individuals new to handguns. Many of our clients continue training with us and have greatly advanced their skills. 


I'm interested in getting a Virginia CCW permit but I don't have a gun yet. Do I need one for the CCW certification class?

No, Virginia does not require a handgun live fire demonstration to fulfill the requirements under VA Code Section 18.2-308.   

Do you rent guns for training?

If you do not have a firearm for our training one can be provided free of charge. You must provide your own factory ammunition or purchase it from us.  If needed, we also have hearing and eye protection for our clients.  

Do you teach West Virginia CCW permit certification classes?

Yes, but this is done only at the client's request. The state of WV mandates a live fire handgun competency qualification. The  client is required to shoot a 20 round course of fire and score a minimum of 80%. If you do not have adequate experience you will not pass this course.

I have no experience with a handgun but want to get my CCW permit. Can you help me?

Yes. Defender Tactical provides training for those with little or no experience.

How much does training cost?

The CCW Certification training is $100. Private instruction is available at an hourly rate of $75 with a two hour minimum. We cover all targets and range fees.  Discounts are available for multi-hour training sessions as well as small group classes. If you don't have a handgun we can provide one at no cost. You must provide your own factory ammo or purchase ours. Currently, our 9mm ball ammo goes for $12 per box of 50. 

Do you offer a discount for first responders?

Absolutely. Veterans, active duty military, law enforcement, fight fighters and EMTs all receive a 15% discount on training.  

Where is the training conducted?

Unless a range is provided by the client our training is conducted at the Echo Valley Training Center located in High View, WV. This is a training facility and not open to the public for commercial use.  

I've got some friends that want training. Can you condense a class for us?

Yes, that can be done. But understand that if you shorten the duration of the training, i.e. 4 hours for a full day class you will probably not get the full lesson plan unless its a very small group.