Defender Tactical

No one is coming to save you. It's time to defend yourself. 

Our Business Model

Unlike most firearms training companies Defender Tactical only provides private instruction or training to small groups. This is so we can better serve the client and exactly match his or her needs.   Using this business model we are able to greaty reduce the anxienty  new shooters may have and give those with a hetic and busy life schedule more flexible training options.  


About Us


Defender Tactical is a veteran owned and operated firearms training business. David Altenburg is the owner and lead instructor with 15 years of active duty service and 20 years as an FBI Special Agent.

What We Offer


Our training focuses on the combative application of a hard use handgun. Whether you're new to firearms or an advanced shooter Defender Tactical has something for you. We offer a basic class for Everyday Carry of a Concealed Handgun, intermediate training for Close Quarters Combative Handgun and an advanced level Urban Combative Handgun. 

Small Group Training


We provide private classes limited to four to eight students to keep the instructor to student ratio low. Providing personal attention to each  student is key to their individual shooting skill growth. Training can be designed specifically for the group or from our list of classes.

Private Lessons


All of our training is conducted either privately or in small groups.  Training can be conducted hourly or half/full days sessions. If you don't have your own handgun we can provide one for you.

Our Instructors


Our adjunct instructors are true professionals with backgrounds in the military, law enforcement and competition shooting.


We value our industry partners and feel privileged to host some of our favorites links.

We value our industry partners and feel privileged to host some of our favorite links.

Contact Us

If you are interested in scheduling training or have questions about our  programs feel free to call or send us a message. We will get back to you as  soon as possible.

Defender Tactical, LLC

P.O. Box 23, Wardensville, WV 26851

(571) 524-1588


Mon-Sun  9am to 5 pm

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